George Lynch: Metal Rules interview

A super interview and massive too... covering almost every aspect of George Lynch's career:
So far we have talked about Lynch Mob and your other projects but hardly a word about Dokken so I have to ask about what’s going on with Dokken re-union plans?

You know what, some people never change their spots. And what I got a feeling is happening is, Don has been making noises, and we've been having meetings, and we've been doing shows together with Lynch Mob and Souls of We, we did Loud Park in Japan together and all this stuff, and it's like, and he said okay I'm committing to it, but we never put it on paper, and so my last few conversations with him is that, he sounds like he's trying to get me to be a hired gun. And I told him, dude, I told you from the first moment I'll never do that, I'm not a hired gun guy. SO I think it's maybe not going to happen. But we, but actually the whole original band got together before we came on tour in Europe and we agreed to do a world tour in 2012.

Okay, so ever further, there were rumors that you were going to play some festivals next summer already.

I think he's just using that to get the rumor going to increase his audience attendance and get some excitement going. And I really resent that because I'm an honorable person, 99.9 percent of the time, I try to be, and fallible like all human beings, but I mean I really, that was always my problem with him, is that he was not an honest trustful person, and I, he never said what he meant, and never did what he said. And that to me is lack of character, and I don't like playing with people with no character. So, you know, it wasn't even his vocal abilities, it wasn't just hanging out talking like you and me right now, it's all fine, everything is good, it was that, and that was all related to money. So, it's all a bad way to conduct yourself.

So this is end of all those stupid rumors because the best ones keep on saying, yeah, half of the new album is already finished, and the next one will be finished on the spring, and then there's world tour coming? I wonder who keeps on putting those out.

Me and Jeff got together, we wrote three new Dokken songs, and they were great, and then Don just started playing his games so, we just said fuck that and I've been hanging in there, but after these last few conversations I think he feels like I really need to do that so he's going to grind me down, and I don't need to do that. I do okay, I don't need to be. more