Michael Angelo Batio: I'm a big Randy Rhoads fan

"I'm a big Randy Rhoads fan" confirms Michael. "I got to meet him before he died; I met him backstage at a concert in Chicago, my hometown. I was asked to do Rhoadsfest I last year, and prior to that in 2007, I was asked to be in a Randy Rhoads movie that hasn't come out yet. I met the Rhoads family then in 2007; I really liked his mom and his sister. and Kelle I had met before. Last year it was so great, and this year it should be even better. I just love him as a guitarist. I really like what he did for rock guitar, and there's a history there; me meeting him and participating in the movie, and plus, I think one of the reasons how I got involved too was they saw me play in Los Angeles in Hollywood at M.I. with Uli Jon Roth in 2007. more