Roger Pedersen: another five star review

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Kernels in a Popcorn machine is a CD that Pedersen could make after Guitar Player Magazine published a very positive review. This multi-instrumentalist evolved via AOR-band Heaven and dTales: a pop group specialized in jazz, funk and soul. From here he developed a sophisticated sort of shredding.

Unlike other speed monsters he uses minimal distortion and progmetalcords. That is why even when it goes very fast -- the melody is easy to follow. Even in the aptly titled Warp Speed Monkey he manages to combine an unprecedented super speed with melody. We also notice classic, jazz and fusion elements. The song Why Always Me sounds almost as a jazz classic. Furthermore the song and not the solo is the central part/important part. We hear this in the detailed arrangement for all instruments. All instruments are played by Pedersen except the drums by Todd Sorensen. Also he even dares to sing himself in Dream Away and the final ballad; Live and Let Die. Not Bad at all - but he seems more comfortable as instrumentalist, and rightly so - because the 14 compact songs have enough variation - and are very accessible because of their touching themes. Pedersen has been able to use his experience with radio friendly bands to profile himself as a guitar virtuoso!

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