Tom Quayle: Port City Pearl Head & Sahana Boost Pedal

Tom Quayle:
Hey guys,

Before I do my full demo I thought I'd give you some idea of the mic'd tones I'm getting from this Port City Pearl head and 2x12 OS Wave cab jamming over a short chord progression in Bb. The playing's okay in places and pretty sketchy in others but it gives you an idea.

I'm running the Suhr on bridge and neck pickups into the Sahana Boost Pedal with the gain on about 1o'clock direct into the head with the bright switch disengaged. This is purely a clean head so all the drive is coming from the pedal. The cab is mic'd with a Rode NT1 recorded into Logic Pro 8. There's a touch of reverb added and the delay is coming from the Toadworks Redux delay in the effects loop.

It's SOOOO dynamic and bear in mind that the amp is at sensible/bedroom volume here.

I'll upload the proper demo soon with MUCH better playing. This is the first time I've played properly in a few weeks so bear with me. My neck is getting much better so thanks for all the support and well wishes guys. The playing is slowly getting better.

All the best,


Port City Pearl Head & Sahana Boost Pedal - USE HD MODE