Alex Hutchings,Jess Lewis: little jazzy jam

Alex and Jess are captured on camera jamming in the London Jamtrackcentral studio.
Alex is using his Laney GH 50L amp head going into a Cornford 1 X 12 open backed cab loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker.
This was mic'ed up with a Shure SM 57 and an AKG 414 UBLS to add a little body to the tone. We used Neve 1073 preamps with the SM57 fed into a Purple Audio MC77 limiter.
Jess is DI'ed into the desk via a BSS DI box fed into an Empirical Labs Distressor.
No eq needed and reverb came from Logic Pro's Space Designer.
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Alex Hutchings and Jess Lewis "Little Jazzy Jam"