Daniele Gottardo: guitarinternational.com interview

Daniele: I’m inspired by so much, there’s so much good music in the world, you just need to look for it. It’s not easy in these times where we’re bombarded by so many things. I like to listen and study different things. I’m always going from jazz to classical, and I can’t decide between the two.

Jazz is easier to study, therefore I often concentrate on that, but the biggest inspiaration for my melodic and harmonic target comes from the classical music from the end of the 1800’s. I like Russian composers very much, such as Korsakov, Liadov, Stravinsky, Prokofiev. The French composers I like are Dukas, Satie and from Vienna I like Mozart, Schoenberg and also northern composers such as Grieg and [Jean] Sibelius.

Daniele Gottardo
Levi: The obvious aspect of your style that will turn heads is your unreal command of the 8 finger tapping technique. Could you tell us how long you’ve been doing that and where that idea came from?

Daniele: The first time I saw someone playing 8 finger tapping was in a vdeo by Dave Celentano. I immediately decided to adopt his method and learn the technique. I was particularly fascinated by the melodic possibilities it offers. Afterwards, I immediately started to work on the sounds I liked, trying out technical approaches that were more comfortable for my hands.

This technique is very creative from that point of view. At the same time I was trying to work out as many musical applications of the technique as possible. Personal technical solutions, melodic and harmonic implications and the musical application of the technique. These three elements make things work a lot better. full interview