Guthrie Govan: Erotic Cakes Backing Tracks

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This is a VERY special product! Guthrie Govan's debut album 'Erotic Cakes' is one of the most celebrated guitar albums of the past decade and features some of the finest musicianship and compositional skills we've ever heard. Our special 'Fives' package is still
one of our most popular products, so we've worked together with Guthrie to create this... the complete set of Erotic Cakes backing tracks!
These are not backing tracks that we've recreated. This is the real thing... Guthrie's studio recordings, but with the lead guitar parts
removed. Included is a set of "Real Book" style transcriptions of all the composed parts, along with advice on what scales to
use for the improvised solo. All transcriptions were painstakingly checked by Guthrie, the bundle includes his tips and advice.
We believe in supporting our artists. When you buy this package, 50% of the money goes straight to Guthrie.
Full set of full length mp3 backing tracks from the album
76 page PDF booklet, with tab transcriptions of all composed parts, plus an overview of each song
with scale tips to develop your improvisational skills - all written by Guthrie.

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