Ron Thal: Guitar International interview

Ron: Yeah, so with Guns what’ll happen is I’ll get a week’s notice. They’ll say, “All right. It’s happening. We’re FedExing your tickets.” The thing is, for the rest of the world, if you want to plan something, it’s months in advance.

What would happen is I would plan a tour for five months from now and by that point GNR would say, “All right. It’s time for us to do something,” and I would have to cancel. It just becomes impossible to make plans. All I can do is make very short-term plans that don’t require too much commitment and if I have to break them, it’s not gonna hurt a lot of people.

I’ve shied away from playing live and doing shows because of that, because if I have to cancel a show, it could disappoint hopefully only a few hundred people, okay maybe 100 [Both laughing]. If it’s just a meet-and-greet or something like that, it could be the same, but it’s not like they spent a lot of money and made a lot of plans.

It’s just not as big a thing to cancel. So, I’ve been doing more meet-and-greets and not doing any performances other than quick jams. Like I played in Sydney, Australia and jammed with Fozzy. I was supposed to do that tonight at Whiskey. We were gonna jam again, but I’m here