Sloth Chubsteen: D Major Melodic Jam

A jam ispired by some of my favorite players Frank Gambale, Satriani, Eric Johnson, Neil Schon, and a couple melody notes from Star Wars. I have been battling serious tendonitis from work and hadnt played in a while but i almost think i am getting better by not playing becuase i can hear melodies in my head? Let me know your opinion. A big thanks to Daniel Penco for the awesome backing track and scale learning resources. Daniel's channel:
I am really happy with the tones of the mesa express 5:50 2x12. Been tweaking knobs on the amp for over a year now and i think i found my tone =) Thanks for watching!

Gear used: EBMM John Petrucci signature guitar, Mesa Express 5:50 2x12, Boss me 70, sony handycam, and windows movie maker. Not a direct recording just using the camera mic.

D Major Melodic Jam