Blues Saraceno: jamming at NAMM 2011

Visit for exclusive Blues Saraceno gear, pictures, stories and more! Blues Saraceno jamming at NAMM 2011 with Sterling Ball - owner of both Ernie Ball Strings and Music Man Guitars. Blues Saraceno performed at NAMM on Friday and Saturday, demo'ing Music Man's "game changer" pickup wiring and configuration. Blues explained how the system lets you change the coil and phase settings of every pickup and combination on the guitar - creating a landscape of literally thousands of pickup sounds and combinations.
*Very sorry about the poor sound and video quality - all I had was my iPhone at the time*
I'm a long-time Blues Fan and had the liberty of meeting him at both NAMM 2009 and 2011. I collect some of his signature gear, and have acquired both an original Yamaha RGZ820R "Watermelon Plaid" guitar, along with an original Dirty Boy amplifier, which was made by his father on their kitchen table in the late nineties. Blues used the amps on his last album, Hairpick, as well as on tours during his stints with Poison and Cream.
Alex Saraceno was nice enough to talk about the history and backstory of my Dirty Boy amp. I encourage you to stop by to check out all kinds of great Saraceno gear, stories and sound clips. If you're a fan, feel free to submit your own pictures, posts or media. Look forward to seeing you on the site soon, and long live plaid!

Blues Saraceno NAMM 2011 - Guitar Solo and Jam with Sterling Ball

Dirty Boy Amp & Blues Saraceno Plaid Yamaha RGZ820R Song