Clay Foster,Carey Frank: Bona Fide Sea Monsters - Fusion Duo new CD

This album features young guns Clay Foster (guitars) and Carey Frank (keys) bringing balls-to the wall jazz fusion in the style of Tribal Tech/ Mark Varney Project/ CCEB. Fans of guitar-laden jazz-fusion will be satisfied and likely addicted to this record. The duo along with the stellar rhythm section are some players to look out for in the future, no doubt.
Clayborn Foster III

1- Ratio Tensions
2- North Corea
3- Matador 2010
4- Monk's Mood
5- Pheonix Phunk
6- Sarah Laughed
7 Song for my Mother
8- Mike's Tune

The musicians:
Clay Foster- guitars
Carey Frank- keyboards
Frank Brunot- bass, tracks 2,3,5,6,8
Gio Ponce- bass, tracks 1,4,7
Jonathan 'Jon Jon' Parks- drums, tracks 2,3,5,6,8
Jeremy Katalenic- drums, tracks 1,4,7

Mixed and Mastered by Clay Foster