Derryl Gabel: Supersonic Sweeping - Tetratonics

As you are probably aware, my new DVD Supersonic Sweeping Part 2 is now available. I have uploaded another clip from the DVD and this time it's an entire chapter! Look below for the video link. If you have any interest in fusion soloing, melodic minor, and sweep picking this DVD will be right up your alley!

Supersonic Sweeping Part 2 DVD

In part two of this series we will explore the melodic minor scale and all the modes, hybrids, and arpeggios in regards to economy and sweep picking ideas. We will also touch on some new concepts such as Tetratonics and I'll show you new and exciting ways to play arpeggios and seamlessly put this altogether to create a supersonic style.

Standard DVD Price: $35.00

Blu-Ray Price: $45.00
S & H: $5.00
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Derryl Gabel

SS2 Tetratonics Clip