Dreamfullofzen: Middle Eastern Improv

Hey All,
Another noodling around zentar video. Last vid I was enjoying some Lydian sounds, but the whole point of me doing the zentar was to have access to sounds of the east, microtones & Ornamental embellishments. I've tried playing some Maqams on Duduk, but not with much luck, mostly due to not having the technical chops yet to be able to perform accurate microtonal stuff on Duduk (hard enough playing regular tunning on it!).

I'm fairly well versed on Hijaz's modal construction, but I've wanted to use more of Rast & Bayati, since those two modes are particular to Egyptian folk music heard commonly in allot of tunes. I can play them ok, but constructing phrases around the tone levels of these modes is still something new to me.

Other way, enjoy the noodling

Zentar - Middle Eastern Improv