Julien Carayon: Alpha new CD


"It's time to unveil my new instrumental album. This is the final result of long months of hardworking. I started to note down basic ideas in late 2009 and I made a long break in early 2010. Kind of ups-and-downs of life. Once I gathered enough mental strenght, I gave my project another kickstart. A definitive kickstart until the album is done.

I kown that I'm not a prolific musician as I deal with everything about my music: songwriting, mixing, running my site, editing videos, uploading videos, promoting my music in the internet... (Let alone my private life) I need more to time to accomplish a personal project. Anyway, I love what I do. Period!

This 75 minute album mixes Rock, Metal and Progressive influences on the guitar. "Alpha" also features soundtrack-like intrumentation and experimental music. There are a lot of guitar improvisations and sonic experimentations...


Yes! These Roman numerals are song names! I wanted to let the listener to give his/her very own name of a song which reflects his/her feeling while listening to it. A conceptual approach to my music.

I know that all songs are pretty long in duration. I want to bring the listener through a long music journey. Pretty much like climbing mountains, spiraling down to the valley, wandering in Hell and flying in Heaven.

As usual, I will really appreciate your feedback, support and word of mouth about my new album. If you don't like my music you can thow at me rotten tomatoes if you want. (Please, no watermelon. It hurts too bad lol)

I hope you enjoy my music, and above all, that you enjoy my world" Buy Me

Julien Carayon - New album - Alpha