Mario Parga: solos posted from upcoming CD Shadows and Light

Mario Parga:
Mario Parga - 'Electric Lounge' (solo) (Shadows & Light, 2011)

This solo was recently added to Mario's blog ( following requests from MySpace friends who wanted to hear it in better quality than on the MySpace player from Mario's MySpace page.

Mario Parga:

"Since adding this solo to the blog, I've had some great feedback from you, including questions on the equipment I used to record it. This soundclip is in a pre-production state and will have Paul's bass and Mark's drums on the finished version.

The equipment used to record it was as follows: my Siggery guitar with Rio Grande pickups, Peavey Classic 30 amplifier, Dean Markley 9 - 42 NickelSteel Electric Signature strings, Boss DS-1 distortion & CS-3 compressor. All the reverbs are Lexicon with delay and chorus by T.C. Electronic.

The first clean solo was played straight through the studio desk via a Boss CS-3 compressor pedal. The guitar was played with the bridge pickup (Rio Grande Barbeque Bucker) coil split. All the string bends are generated by my fingers, I don't use whammy bars.

The second and main solo was played through my Peavey Classic 30 on full overdrive, and the volume set to appproximately '5'. This volume level on this amp is very responsive dynamically. The first part of the solo was played on the neck pickup (Rio Grande Buffalo Bucker) with the guitar's volume pot open around halfway. The second part of the solo switches to the bridge pickup with the volume pot open fully."

Mario Parga - 'Electric Lounge' Solo

Mario Parga:
The main solo from 'Ra's Dream' from the new upcoming album 'Shadows & Light' (2011).

Currently the main theme for Mario's website homepage (

Please note that this version of the solo is a high quality pre-production that also features musicians Kevin Valentine - drums (Cinderella/Lou Gramm) and Tim Luce - bass (Alcatrazz).

The personnel for the new 'Shadows & Light' album is:
Mario Parga: Guitars & Keyboards
Paul Stanney: Bass
Mark Mendez: Drums

Mario Parga:

"I've been asked a few times about the equipment I used to record this solo, it was as follows:

My Siggery guitar played on the bridge pickup (Rio Grande Barbeque Bucker), Peavey Classic 30 amp, Dean Markley 9 - 42 NickelSteel Signature strings, Boss DS-1 distortion & CS-3 compressor, Lexicon reverb and T.C. Electronic delay."

Mario Parga - 'Ra's Dream' Solo