Sloth Chubsteen: Sean Baker Orchestra and Tony Macalpine jams.

Last year my 10 year old nephew Slimer did some pentatonic jamming over this track after only playing for four weeks and did great, so i thought it was about time i brought out the old ibanez scalloped 7 string for some shredding. Thanks to the awesome Sean Baker Orchestra for supporting Slimer! Thanks for watching!

Slimer and Sean Baker Orchestra Shred Tribute Jam

One of my favorite melodies from the AMAZING Tony Macalpine. It is from the album by CAB, the song is called Shizuka. Me and my 10 year old nephew Slimer were lucky enough to get a lesson from Tony Macalpine a couple months ago. An amazing musician and really cool guy! Hopefully in a few years i can come within shouting range of some of Tony's solo's =) Thanks for watching!

Tony Macalpine Shizuka Melody Cover