Corrado Sgandurra: working on new CD and ZC4 is proud to present a special interview with the man who managed to bring to Romania idolized guitarists for generations. Corrado Sgandurra talks about his experience as a guitarist, on Day guitars and more! In 1998 you won the Best European Talent Guitar, guitar contest which resulted in Mike Varney said about you: "The Corrado's singing is full of elegance, style and good taste. It is an elegant blend of Shred Metal Fusion, Jazz and Blues - technical mastery of the instrument has an unusual ". What happened then?
The prize of this contest was a scholarship for three years of study at the prestigious GIT in Los Angeles paid in full by Mike Varney. How to GIT experience influenced your musical career?
GIT has been very beneficial experience for me. First, in September 1998 when I arrived in the U.S., the whole landscape was completely different from that of my hometown in Sicily. How GIT never learned not to finish, I managed during my studies there to increase my range on the guitar and listening style and understand the many genres of music, especially fusion. Up to that time had been influenced by heavy metal music, and at first I was forced to address many blues and jazz fusion, which helped me a lot. Also, perhaps the most important thing I realized was learning to read the music score, which is particularly important for a musician. I was fortunate to study with a series of great teachers such as I like to remember them by: Brett Garsed, Robben Ford, TJ Helmerich, Frank Gambale, Paul Gilbert, Don Mock, Gary Willis, Jeff Berlin, Vinnie Moore, Pat Martino, J. Batten, Michael Lee Firkins, etc.. Now use the method of teaching my students GIT for guitar and bass. Years 80 and 90 have reported the occurrence of most famous guitarists in the world and Records Shrapnell contributed to this phenomenon. How do you think would have looked without Shrapnell these years?
Shred phenomenon probably would not have developed the scale of those years or maybe would not have existed at all, in any case the guitar was much lower in existence today without Shrapnell Records and the man behind it the default, Mike Varney , who financially supported a large number of famous guitarists who inspire us all now. Shrapnell importance is undeniable, albums released over the years can be formed into a true history of the phenomenon of modern guitarists. Currently I work in a book to be launched in 2013 (it will turn 30 years since the first CD released by Varney in Shrapnell Records) will contain 3 DVDs divided into three decades of activity, namely Shrapnell '80s, '90s and 2000. The book will be a mix between a teacher and a historic treaty that will illustrate some Lick's most important riffs and according to guitarist and musical genres.
... Your album to be launched in collaboration with Mike Varney Suite contains components that for Radica, sounding smooth jazz and deep inside her eyes to progressive sounding, how you manage to combine them and who is radical?
Radica is my muse, the songs on her album is dedicated. All tracks are very different from prog metal to jazz fusion and instrumental rock classic. My main concern is the transposition of emotion in music and combining this style on a single album is natural because each style of music convey a certain kind of emotion. translated interview