Guthrie Govan: clinic tour audio

Alex Khan:
Guthrie and I went on another one of our clinic tours after NAMM and here is a clip of Guthrie performing 'Sevens' through an all-Suhr rig of his Signature Set-Neck guitar, a Koko Boost (for the saturated lead parts), the Badger 30 head and a pair of Suhr 1x12 cabs (one with V30 and one with the Heritage G12-65). Both cabs were mic'd and mixed for the recording. This was recorded on Jan 21 at a club called Biscuits & Blues in downtown San Francisco that was sponsored by our Bay Area dealer Nuts & Saddles.
You can also download the file from here to put into your iTunes library:
The outro solo beginning around 6:25 is pretty awesome in its combination of tone, feel, phrasing, creativity and his typically amazing technique. Guthrie himself was very pleased with the guitar sounds and said the Badger sounds "most splendid" here. He's bonded with this amp over the past few years. In fact, Guthrie just ordered the Badger 30 so he can use it for the Bassment gigs and tours in Europe. The only non-Suhr thing you hear on the guitar sound is the Eventide Time Factor delay plugged into the Badger's loop. Really cool!

Here's the second track from this gig. This is a jam on Billy Cobham's 'Red Baron' and there's some wah action with the Guyatone WR-3 Auto-Wah and the RMC Picture Wah. The chorus that Guthrie's been using lately is the Providence Anadime analog chorus. Peter Fujii plays the first solo and Guthrie starts his at around 4:00 afterwards. Peter is playing a Suhr Custom TS through a Mesa of some sort. Can't remember which one...

Wonderful Slippery Thing

Okay, here's the last track from this Friday night gig in San Francisco. It clocks in at over 18 minutes but the tune doesn't start until 2:30 or so with Guthrie chatting with the audience and tuning up his guitar. Little slip-ups here and there but that's what live performances with band members you met for the first time that day are all about.
Some of those audio files have expired so you can click on this link and download these re-mixed, re-mastered and even better sounding m4a files here: