Marcello Zappatore: the inversion of stigmata

Marcello Zappatore is a 33 year old from Lecce. He earns a living by playing electric guitar in a well known local Satanist heavy metal band.
However, Marcello has a physical problem: an uncomfortable itch on the side of his rib cage soon turns out to be stigmata.
Divine intervention or need for a change?
Marcello does not know the answer, although the stigma is causing him many problems. In one go, due to his newly acquired (yet unintentional) closeness to God, he loses his girlfriend and the flat they share together, as well as being kicked out of the band (hence losing his job) that certainly does not want a stigmatic guitarist in its ranks.
Marcello now finds himself ready to undertake a very personal voyage between two very different and incompatible worlds…that of God and that of Rock. He is accompanied by his dear ones: his bigot mother (Guia Jelo), that tries to put him on the road to redemption by having him locked up in a monastery, and his grandmother (Sandra Milo), a very eccentric woman that incites him not to give up on Rock’n’Roll.
Old and new friends alike, they all try to get Marcello to do the right thing.
But what is the right thing for Marcello?
Abandon the music of Satan and listen to the word of God or forget about divine intervention and pursue his dream of musical glory?
Will he be able to find common ground between opposed universes?

W Zappatore - Trailer (ENG subs) 2010