Marty Friedman: Earthquake best wishes and selling guitars

Translated and amended from google translate, apologies for any inaccuracy, but the sentiment remains:

Marty Friedman:
We have sincere sympathy for the victims and everyone in the massive earthquake. Words can't express how sad the news is to see such a massive earthquakes. I think I have a very deep affinity for Japan. My dreams came true after arriving in Japan. The beauty of the Japanese forces, and the Japanese have impressed me with their compassion at all times. Your greatness starts now for the future of Japan, you want strength and compassion in mind. I think the Japanese have solidarity with the world. You also need the power of solidarity of all one person, especially now. Bright future for everyone and work hard together for a healthy future.

Marty Friedman:
Pictures, descriptions and how to bid will all be up on my US website as well as my Japanese website within 2-3 days. I have NEVER sold ANY of my guitars before, this is the only way these guitars will leave my possession. I urge you to please spread the word and most of all BID HIGH. You will be putting a huge deposit in the `karma bank` as and have some pretty cool guitars to show for it. DO IT!


  1. I hope 100% of the money from these guitar sales goes to Japan, when I got into trouble for posting a video from the Marty clinic in Aus I was basically threatened saying how he was worth millions in Japan, after really enjoying the clinic this has left me thinking he is actually not as sincere as he seemed. Time for him to prove me wrong, and hopefully he will be donating some of his millions not just selling guitars.


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