Alex Skolnick: premier guitar interview

What was your sonic vision for this album when you went into the studio?

I wanted it to be the music I liked—music I put on first thing in the morning. It’s everything from Keith Jarrett to Bill Frisell to e.s.t. to Bach’s Two Part Inventions. I like music that is energizing, inspiring and very clear. There is something about those types of albums that is just very warm, intimate and direct.

When you say “energizing,” you don’t necessarily mean loud and fast, right?

Definitely not. I have this recording of Bach’s Inventions played by a classical pianist named AndrĂ¡s Schiff. That to me is very energizing. I am not sure why that is, but you can definitely put it on to relax at home. Maybe stimulating is a better word. There are different types of music for different purposes. Speed metal serves a different purpose but I wouldn’t put that on first thing in the morning. more plus guitar lesson