Eilidh McKellar: rising star needs your support

Eilidh McKellar: A guitar-playing prodigy from South Queensferry who won a place on a top music course is appealing for a wealthy benefactor to bankroll the £84,000 school fees after learning her parents can't afford it.

Eilidh McKellar, 17, was walking on air when the acceptance letter came through for the bachelors degree at Berklee College of Music, Boston, two weeks ago.

Just 24 hours later, the St Augustine's High pupil was crestfallen after failing to earn the scholarship that would cover the exorbitant price tag.

With the first cash instalment due in May, the aspiring musician now faces a race against time to stump up the cash ahead of the looming deadline.

"It's my dream to study at Berklee because I have high ambitions for my career in music and Berklee is known to be the best place to study contemporary music," she said.

"I am so close to achieving my dream, but like all top American colleges the fees are only possible for wealthy families. Ordinary families like mine just can't afford £21,000 per year for a four-year degree.

"I just hope that someone recognises my talent and my commitment and can help me out financially...

If you can help, please contact eilidhsberkleefund@gmail.com. Her videos can be seen online at YouTube.


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  1. Just watched the vid. Wow, she is indeed a talented and dedicated student of guitar. I'm hoping she gets the help she needs. We need more girls who can tear it up like that on 6 strings.


  2. Why does she need to spend all that cash on the Berklee School of Music? She's ready to go right now, just get a cooking band and start playing gigs. The people in the audience want to hear some guitar, they don't care if you got a college degree.


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