Ethan Brosh: Angels of Babylon USA tour dates

Angels of Babylon with Rhino(Man o War) and Ethan Brosh!!!
Time 22 April at 21:00 - 23 April at 00:00

I'm really glad to send this invite! Finally Angels of Babylon is going on its first tour!!! We are now working on creating the most bad ass show!!! You will not regret coming to check it out! I've had people from all around the country asking me when will I be touring in their area...Well, Now is the time!!! Looking forward to meet all you guys I've been communicating with for a while!

Here are the dates so far:
April 22 Whiskey-Los Angeles, CA
April 23 Lucy's Bar and Grill, Las Vegas NV
April 26 Masquerade-Atlanta, GA
April 28 Volume 11-Raleigh, NC
April 29 Jaxx-Springfield, VA
May 1 Mojo 13-Wilmington, Del
May 3 The Annex-Madison, Wi
May 4 JB Speakeasy-La Crosse, Wi
May 5 Nutty's North-Sioux Falls, SD
May 6 Aftershock-Kansas City, MO
May 7 Tomcats West-Ft. Worth, TX
A couple more dates might be added soon...