Jason Becker: The Story of Jason Becker [Trailer]

One person who has enough inspiration for all of us.

Perpetual Burn: The Story of Jason Becker [Trailer]

Karen Hunter:
I knew Jason wanted Steve to play but we were not sure how or when that might happen. Steve would need a band behind him and he had told Dave Lopez the organizer that the best way to go was to do a blues, but who with?

The night started around 9pm, the line up of music just got better and better, I was looking forward to the last couple of guys, Richie Kotzen and the great Joe Satriani. Steve and I normally go to bed at 9pm, so you can imagine us sitting in a crowd for three hours past bed time. Enjoying the night but gradually falling asleep in the dark. more

Plus don'r forget the auction of guitars