Levi Clay: Michael Jackson - Thriller transcriptions

Michael Jackson - Thriller (1982)

This record really needs no introduction, selling over 120 million copies worldwide since its release in 1982, yes, the biggest selling album of all time. This was the record that really cemented Jackson as the king of pop (of course, as his 6th album, this was already common knowledge), produced by the legendary Quincy Jones, the album has the quintessential 80's pop sound; funky guitar work, disco grooves, synthesizers and memorable basslines.

I just want to put now, there is no malice, or copyright infringement intended here. This page is for the use of the aspiring guitarist and student of music. My hope is that by using these transcriptions you can dig a little deeper into pop guitar and arrangement. Don't stop here, keep exploring, never stop learning. http://www.leviclay.com/thriller.html