News: Matt Blackett way Top Ten Messe Is Different from NAMM

Matt Blackett: The Top Ten (Give or Take) Ways Messe Is Different from NAMM:
In many ways, a music convention is a music convention. You will, by and large, see the same manufacturers displaying the same gear, hear the same clinicians playing the same licks (that you won’t really hear anywhere but a trade show), and be told the same lies by players, distributers, and reps alike. Having said that, every trade show has at least a few things to set it apart from the others and give it its own vibe. Winter NAMM is different from Summer NAMM, which is in turn different from the Dallas Guitar Show. And all of those shows differ from the Frankfurt Musikmesse. This is not an exhaustive list but rather some quick hits on what I believe makes Messe unique. more