Nicolas Notarianni: new CD Guitarsnake - Around The World

1.My Religion Part I - Incantation
2.My Religion Part II - The Hope
3.My Religion Part III - The Perfect Day
4.My Religion Part IV - All About Me
5.Around The World
6.In The Shadow
7.Somewhere In This World
9.Last Goodbye
10.I Have A Dream (Remastered)
11.On The Road (Remastered)


Release date: 03/2011
Total time: 41:18

Around The World is the second solo album from french guitar virtuoso, Guitarsnake, aka Nicolas Notarianni. Influenced by Joe Satriani and John Petrucci, Guitarsnake delivers here an astonishing instrumental concept album, filled with melodic guitars.

Far away from the predictable shred albums who clone themselves, Around The World is a masterpiece of colorful & emotional guitar music, crafted by a flawless guitar technique, unique feel yet. The album opens with "My Religion", a song divided in four tracks that brings the listener into a musical journey... around Guitarsnake's musical world. Each track is full of catchy guitar themes and shred licks always arise at the perfect time to give you chills.

The album will please the fans as it includes in the CD a bonus video clip (mp4.) where the Mayones Guitars endorser performs with his band. Cherry on the top, the CD features as well two remastered songs from the excellent One Life is Not Enough album: "I Have A Dream" (dedicated to Patrick Rondat) and "On The Road" hosting an intense guitar solo fest featuring Stéphane Gay, Loïc Bonnecaze, Roo, Olivier Mesnier, Yann Armellino and Victor Lafuente.