Chris Bullen, Sam Coulson: Interstellar Groove Machine new cd and jamm time

Chris Bullen
Learning the guitar is an ongoing study for Chris. He continues to try new processes and look for ways to break with traditions. I am a perpetual learner and love to analyze what makes things work.

It became apparent early on that Chris had something special when at a very early age Chris began winning numerous guitar competitions. To this day he proudly still uses the guitars he won along the way.

Chris quickly earned the reputation of being one of the areas most notable players and gained the respect of players nationwide. Although Chris loved the guitar, he felt that there was more he wanted to do. He looked to computer graphics and stepped out of the music scene to pursue another passion. Chris went back to school to get his degree in pure and applied mathematics and applied his knowledge to develop cutting edge visualizations for architects and developers worldwide. Life experiences and the love of music and the arts lead Chris back to the instrument he was so devoted to long ago, but this time with a new perspective.

After his long hiatus, Chris Bullen is now venturing back into music as an instrumental rock performer, he wishes for what all musicians' desire, for those who listen to enjoy what they're hearing. ''It is important to me to create music that can be enjoyed at all levels, from those who do not play any instruments through to those who are well accomplished''. ''Music is a gift that is all around us, and a great gift can bring a lifetime of enjoyment. I can only hope that there are others who connect with, and enjoy what I've created. It's with a humble heart that I offer my gift of music to anyone who will listen''.

"just warming up"

"warmed up"