Hedras Ramos: New Halo Signature guitar released!

Halo Custom Guitars has been building professional electric guitars for many years and recently unveiled the Hedras Ramos Signature Guitar. Hedras Ramos, the rising guitar prodigy from Guatemala, aided Halo Custom Guitars in the development and design of the world-class Hedras Ramos Signature Guitar. http://www.haloguitars.com/store/Hedras-Ramos-Signature-Guitar.html
“Halo Custom Guitars’ addition of the Hedras Ramos Signature Guitar to its Artist Series product line is a noteworthy milestone in the company’s history,” stated Jeff Lee, General Manager with Halo Custom Guitars. “Hedras Ramos’ technical proficiency and masterful control over the electric guitar is astonishing. A guitarist of his caliber demands a whole lot from his guitar, and we are very encouraged by the fact that Hedras Ramos is so pleased to be working with Halo Custom Guitars.”
"I'm really happy and pleased about working with Halo Custom Guitars. The first guitar I got from them was their stock ‘Morbus’ model – a black one that you can see in some of my videos on YouTube. That guitar feels so good and the tone is perfect,” stated Hedras Ramos. “Then we worked on my new signature guitar, which was based around the ‘Morbus’ model, but has all the additional features I want on a guitar… some fun stuff like the kill switch and pull/push knobs that allow me to get the single coil tones I really love. My new Hedras Ramos Signature Guitar is very versatile. It can give you some crystal-clear clean tones like an old Strat, but also some nasty Humbucker power for shred stuff.” more