News: Shred Academy $3000 competition!

Here at Shred Academy we are running a competition to find some of the top talent from around the world. Not only will the winner be broadcast on prime-time TV throughout California on Modesto Advanced Guitar Instruction TV show, there is also over $3,000 of prizes up for grabs, for the top 10 contestants! more


Shoot a video showing us what you can do - we want you to really tear up the fretboard for this one! You can play anything ORIGINAL that you feel showcases your talent. We're looking for a video that demonstrates both technical ability and musical understanding.. we want to see some slick skills and creative shredding, Don't hold back! Blow our minds!

Just follow these simple steps:

- Record a video that demonstrates your skills - REMEMBER speed isn't everything, keep it musical.

- Upload your video to YouTube entitled YOUR NAME plus "String Insanity 2011 Entry"

- Post the video as a video response to our official video promo:

To do this, simply click in the comments section of the video, and then click 'create a video response' and select your video.

When the competition ends, we will select a shortlist of 10 winners. We will then post these videos for voting, to decide the order of the winners. The winners will also be judged and given a full written review by Shred Academy instructors!

STRING INSANITY 2011 - Guitar Competition