Thiago Trinsi: 3 day Master Class In Tampa-FL -USA

THIAGO TRINSI: "Hi Folks I am so Happy to Announce that I will be in Tampa,FL /USA in July doing Master Classes...!!! Check it out


For the guitarist who wants to explore the limits of technique, speed, and melody, we are proud to offer Master Classes with renowned guitar master, Thiago Trinsi. This Summer, a 3 day work shop will focus on soloing techniques such as:

+Alternate Picking
+Inside Picking (some John Petrucci Ideas)
+Legatos (Joe Satriani/Steve Vai/Brett Garsed/ as reference)
+Hammer on´s
+Two hands Tapping (solo Styles and over the Harmonies)
+Hybrid Picking
+Open Strings
+Harmonics ( I have some great tricks in for this session)
+Slide Legato/Tapping Combination/Shred Session/
July 14, 15, 16 from 11AM - 2PM

Each day will be a 3 hour session. So bring a snack and your axe.
Interested students should email us for more info at

Thiago Trinsi - Master Class In Tampa-FL -USA