Wayde Cooper: return of the shred festival - 5 year hiatus ends!

Back posting videos after a five year break... locked himself into a room and been shredding none stop!

Welcome! My name is Wayde Cooper, thank you for stopping by my channel. I'm a solo artist, formerly with the progressive band Inner Resonance and my band Wayde Cooper / Axis. I've released 5 CD's and two instructional works, one is a CD Rom on Chops From Hell called 32nd Note Festival of Shred and the other is a paperback version. I'm working on remaking the two instructions into one all out DVD (available 2011).

I'm a guitar teacher full time (moving my shop to Arizona by November 2010) and will be opening up a new location soon and enrolling students once my location is done. Please check my website for updates on when enrollment openshttp://www.extrememusicless...
If you have any question please email me at shredon@waydecooper.net

Wayde Cooper: return of the shred festival