Magnus Olsson: demos Ibanez RG350MZ & RG350DXZ from crafton

Magnus Olsson is back playing his Ibanez guitar as can be plainly seen from this recent video. However, his shoulder is not completely healed and he's have trouble with arm articulation, so I know this guitar playing is looking good, but this really is a "Grace Under Pressure" scenario.

Magnus Olsson:
A short presentation/demo of Ibanez RG Standard 350MZ and 350DXZ.
This is only a few of the way these guitars can sound.
Don't see this video as a complete sound clip for how the guitars can sound, just see it as some examples of who it can be used and sound.
Another amp, other hands, even another day and it would sound totally different.
You can even play slow on them...
You will never really know until you try one yourself.
So go to your local music dealer and try one the way you want it to be played and the way you want it to sound.
I don't think you will be disappointed, it is a lot of guitar for the money.
Please don't judge my sloppy and boring laying too hard, I have a badly broken left shoulder and have massive problems playing properly.
Sorry about that.
More info about the guitars you find here.
RG350MZ: & ...
RG350DXZ: & ...
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Crafton: Olsson:
Ibanez RG350MZ & RG350DXZ (presentation/demo av Magnus Olsson)


  1. "Ibanez is back playing guitar..."

    Really? Didn't realize a guitar played itself... Interesting.


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