Andy James: self titled album released

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*SIGNED* Andy James' self-titled solo album *PRE-ORDER*

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But for real fans... you'll want the real deal... touched by Andy's tippity tapping hands! God yes I must have this

Andy James has undeniably earned his place among the best Shred/Metal guitarists in the World. This is your chance, if like us you love to get your hands on a physical copy of an artist's music, to pre-order his brand new album... ... personally signed by 'those hands'! The album has already received magnanimous praise from the industry and music-lovers alike and is the must-have album of the year for both a technical fix and those that love to escape into their Metal!

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1. Legion
2. Angel of Darkness
3. The Storm
4. What Lies Beneath
5. Burn It Down
6. Into the Void
7. Dust in the Wind
8. Separation
9. Gateways
10. Bullet in the Head
11. War March

date of the physical release - Monday, 8th August, 2011
*SIGNED* Andy James' self-titled solo album *PRE-ORDER*

From Drop Box