Joe Satriani,Steve Vai: "Cliff II" Benefit Concert details

It was also announced over the holiday weekend that a live webcast is now confirmed for this amazing concert! On July 10th, 2011, GuitarTV will be streaming the full Joe Satriani & Steve Vai (and friends) "Cliff II" Benefit Concert- Live from the House of Blues in Hollywood! The “virtual concert ticket” to see the show is priced at $5.99 and the proceeds will go to Cliff Cultreri’s medical fund. For more information & to signup, please

In addition to this extraordinary musical event, Satriani and Vai, along with other artists, have graciously donated various items to be auctioned online and on the evening of the concert. Among these items are a Steve Vai signed 20th Anniversary JEM guitar commemorating the entire line of Ibanez guitars. Steve used this guitar for the duration of the 2007 “String Theories Tour” and on the Grammy Nominated song "Now We Run", featured on the Platinum award-winning DVD Where the Wild Things Are. Other auction items include a Joe Satriani JS1000 guitar with personalized art, Joe Satriani JS1200 guitar autographed by all the musicians, and a Paul Gilbert autographed Ibanez guitar used on the Racer X Getting Heavier album. The online auction runs July 5th - 15th and can be viewed