Marcel Coenen: Live 4 Guitar interview -

Marcel Coenen is a Metal guitarist from the Netherlands. Marcel Coenen is a Metal guitarist from the Netherlands. He has had a career of over 20 years as a teacher, songwriter and performer. He has collaborated with people like Bob Katsionis (Firewind/Outloud) Mistheria (Artension/Emir Hot/Mistheria) and many others. He also has under his belt nearly 10 studio albums with different bands, instructional DVD’s and signature guitar models. He is currently signed to Lion Music. We caught up with him to tell us some more information about his career.

What got you into playing the guitar and what are you influences?

I started playing when I was eleven years old. Everything started when I heard the song “Burning heart” from Vandenberg. Adrian Vandenberg (ex- Whitesnake) played a solo on this song that it was just amazing. I really loved that sound. That was the starting point for me that I really got into the guitar. When I heard AC DC I was so hooked on how they were playing. After that came Iron Maiden and Metallica. When I heard Yngwie Malmsteen for the first time I was blown away. I locked myself in my room for 8 hours everyday for 2 years practising all these Yngwie based neo-classical type of licks. Later on I discovered Satriani and I started listening to a lot of fusion as well. Players like Scott Henderson and Allan Holdsworth are players that I really like. I believe all these guys are my main influences.


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