Michael Amott: arch enemy guitar player interviewed

How involved is Arch Enemy in actually choosing the lineups that you tour with?

We’re very involved. I mean, Angela, who sings in Arch Enemy, she manages the band as well for the past two years. So it’s very much in house. We’re very DIY. We’re very involved in every aspect of our career actually. We own our own recordings. We own our own merchandise and publishing, all those different aspects of the band and the business. When we put the tour together, it’s really important for us to have bands that we like and bands that we think our fans will enjoy, but still keep it kind of death metal. So yeah, we’re involved in it, to answer your question [laughs].
You mentioned about how you guys have been self-managed for a while now [since 2008].

Has the band ever thought about continuing the DIY spirit and actually releasing your own music in the future?

We thought about it. I mean, our record label deal is up now with Century Media Records. We had a licensing agreement, I should call it, with Century Media, who we’ve been working with for many years. We had a new deal with them in 2005, but actually this new album Khaos Legions was the last album with that deal. I don’t know what we’re going to do now moving forward. It’s kind of a different landscape out there now [laughs]. A lot of bands are trying those different models. We’re watching them closely to see how that works out for them. more