News: Institute students play SAE Main stage at Shoreditch Festival

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance is delighted to announce that they will be represented by two of their student bands, Fracture and The Vacations when they take to the SAE main stage at the Shoreditch Festival on Saturday 16th July.
SAE invited the Institute, as their music performance partner, to join them in hosting a ‘Battle of the Bands’ held at 93 Feet East in June. Bands and artists from the Institute applied to play through social media initiatives. A shortlist of six bands was invited to compete at the event. Representatives from the Institute, SAE and the Shoreditch Trust then selected two acts to play the SAE Main Stage at the festival sharing the stage with indie-elctro dancefloor fillers ‘The Whip’!
Fracture impressed with their energy, performance and high-level of musicianship, whilst The Vacations were equally impressive with their memorable songs and well-written hooks. The bands were very different in style but both showed these qualities which the Institute encourages of its musicians.
Andy Smith, Lead Vocals, Fracture: "We were pretty surprised, but completely psyched to win the competition to play at the festival. All of us want to make it as musicians, and studying at the Institute has really given us that platform to spring from and evolve into what we really have the potential to be, both as instrumentalists and as a band.” Stuart Cooney, Guitarist, added: “This is not only thanks to the experienced and friendly teachers, but to the sheer number of opportunities that arise there too!"
Joe Thom, Lead Vocals/Guitarist, The Vacations: “As a band we are always looking out for those special opportunities to perform at great live locations or events, such as The Shoreditch festival, and London is the perfect place to look for them, so it’s been great studying at the Institute. As well as its location, the course has been great for meeting lots of like minded musicians who are as enthusiastic about writing, recording, promoting and playing music as I am, which has really helped me develop as a songwriter and singer.”
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