Yuji Fukuda: Artifact new CD

Japanese fusion guitarist Yuji Fukuda released his solo CD Artifact in 2010. Fukuda learned guitar technique and theory in vocational training schools like MI Japan Nagoya and became a teacher at the school at the age of 23 after graduating. He keeps busy as a lecturer, in backing bands, and recording pop-rock bands while doing demonstrations for instrument makers such as the famous "Baby Notes". Vigorous activities include performing live, at places such as Club Citta. He is a band leader with Revibe an instrumental fusion group of jazz musicians who primarily play in Japan. Along with peers such as Allen Hines, he has been included in a number of sessions with renowned national and international artists, such as Paul Gilbert.


Mr. Funk-man (6:27)
Fuzzy Navel (6:32)
57Street (5:32)
Japanese 1 (5:06)
Cloudy (5:36)
Japanese 2 (7:14)

Yuji Fukuda - Guitar, Production
Atsutomo Ishigaki - Bass
Shota Watanabe - Keyboard, Piano
Yozo Nomura - Drums
Yuji Muto - Guitar (Track 4)
Yosuke Yokoyama - Drums