Zakk Wylde: iguitar magazine 3

"The free digital Magazine iGuitar has now launched its third issue which features not one but two interviews with the great Zakk Wylde, plus in depth looks at some of his kit: Zakk’s Gibson Les Paul, the Marshall JCM800 amp and the MXR Zakk Wylde pedals.

Other interviews continue the heavy metal theme with Stuart Bull quizzing Def Leppard’s guitar ace, Phil Collen, Jamie Humphries meeting Whitesnake’s Doug Aldrich and Gary Cooper profiling that master of chords Pete Townsend. All the interviews are supplemented with videos showing you how play songs by these great guitarists and the techniques they use.

A special feature, tying into the cover story, is ‘The Wizard’s of Oz’. Top guitar teacher Jamie Humphries takes a look at the guitar styles of Tony Iommi, Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, Jake E. Lee and Gus G, some of Ozzy Osbourne’s greatest axe men. Check out the free lick lessons, and if you like the free licks then there is almost a DVDs worth of additional licks available on special offer as a paid download for subscribers; in all twenty five licks plus a jam track, to get your metal soling up to speed.

Reviews include guitar, amp and FX products from a host of manufactures including Line 6, Yamaha, Providence, PRS, T-Rex, Vigier, Marshall and Brace Audio. All reviews include a full product write up, as well as videos demonstrating the gear and letting you see the products and details on how to use them.

In the Quiet Room section, there is an exclusive interview with Australian guitar wizard Tommy Emmanuel plus even more exclusive live footage from one of his recent gigs. Also included are reviews on products from Breedlove, Tanglewood, Trace Accoustic and LR Braggs, again complete with video demonstrations.

Then there is the competition – you can win a copy of the highly sought after signed copy of the Book of Orange and a superb Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush Combo.

On top of all that, the third issue of iGuitar is brimming with technical know how, lessons and much, much more.

iGuitar is much more than just a magazine, it offers readers an exceptional experience with its dynamic design and layout, and its fully interactive multi media presentation.

iGuitar is available free from , no strings attached!