Ali Genc: Mozart Requiem - Kyrie Eleison

Special Thanks to Kristin Kelly
Kyrie movement of Mozart's Requiem has been one of my favorite for a long time. Since I've first listened to Kyrie, idea to play it on guitar was in my mind. After almost 10 years, I started to record it on computer, as it turned out, it didn't sounded too bad and now i decided to put it on youtube.

First sorry about the video quality, recorded it with my laptop's built in camera, second, tried re-arrange the partitions for guitar, recorded separately each one and then combine them. Each individual track is doubled, recorded and panned again for a rich sound. I believe no one ever did this before and I know you'll enjoy this one.

Mozart Requiem - Kyrie Eleison (Electric Guitar)

Plus the great cover version of one of my favourite tracks ever posted on youtube,

Stay Crunchy Cover

Yes I have the CD from Ronald Jenkees... this guys is a genius! (thanks to Marshall Harrison for the tip)

"stay crunchy" - messin with an e-piano sound

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