Brett Garsed: Dark Matter review reposted

Brett Garsed is a total master of the guitar, his playing is always inventive, interesting and never repetitive which is probably the hardest thing to achieve as a guitarist in my opinion it shows that you don’t rely or fall back on patterns but just play what you hear in your head. This album has something for everyone even though it leans more toward the Jazz Fusion side of things, try if you like Greg Howe, Andy Timmons, Joe Satriani… no actually just buy it, it’s awesome and you will love it. FULL REVIEW

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Looks like this was reposted from without permission. I don't remember everything I read folks... so apologies to Jon Bloomer for this faux pas on my part.


  1. Thanks for bringing this site to my attention they have totally lifted my review and not credited in any way so I will be contacting google to see if I can get them shut down. I would appreciate if you could switch the link to the original post:

    Cheers Laurie


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