Dave Mustaine,Marty Friedman: Marty wanted to be a pop guitar player.

On why guitarist Marty Friedman won't return to MEGADETH: Mustaine: "Well, first off, he's not welcome. I mean, it's not that he's not welcome, it's just that there's no position for him. And Marty's not as good as Chris [Broderick, current MEGADETH guitarist] is, second off. And Marty wanted to be a pop guitar player. He left to join a girl in a band in Japan. . . [The MEGADETH lineup featuring Friedman and drummer Nick Menza] wasn't the most important lineup anyways. The lineup that we have right now has achieved more than those guys ever did. If you think about it, the groundwork, the building the band back up from nothing… Marty and Nick got in the band when the band was already huge." more