Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl Silver Rose Fuzz

http://www.deviever.com and http://www.potvinguitars.com My favorite demo that I have done thus far! And there is a nice surprise in here for all of you! This pedal is absolutely amazing and honestly, it requires much more than a 15 minute demo to sing its praises..... it truly does give you fuzz tones to die for! This pedal was made for Billy Corgan..... so come on people, if Billy uses it, so should you. The most shapeable fuzz you will ever play!!!!
Gear Used: Potvin Killer Bee,  Vox AC30 combo with blue celestion speakers, Shure SM57
Fuzzbox cocktail- Black Rose- 1 shot of gin, shot of blackberry vodka, splash of lemon juice, about a half shot to a shot of grenadine and finish with tonic

Silver Rose Fuzz by Devi Ever Pedal Demo - An Epic Surprise Inside!