Keith Merrow: Demisery

Keith Merrow
Recording guitars for my Death Metal side project/collaboration with my friend Gord Olson.


Over the past few months, I've been working on an album with a very talented guitarist buddy, Gord Olson. This collaboration is extremely fun, and the music is in the traditional Death Metal vein. It's a bit different than my personal music, but I suspect that a lot of those who follow my music will enjoy it. I grew up playing this style of music, and it feels very comfortable and natural (did I mention, fun?). The project is called "Demisery", and it's pretty much a blatant tribute to old (and some newer) Death Metal tunes. Fans of bands like Grave, Death, Obituary, Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity, etc... will find a familiar sound and traditional DM feel. We're in pre-production at the moment, and already have over an hour of music written. It's packed full of blast beats, trem picking, guitar solos and guttural vocals. There's no core, no prog, no "djent", this is a 100% Death Metal album. Stay tuned!

Keith Merrow- "Demisery" - Guitar tracking