Kyle Glass,John Konesky: are guitarings!

"We wanted to let you know about the official launch of FRET12's newest series, Guitarings. The well-known duo of Kyle Glass and John Konesky (a.k.a. KG and Kones), who also help make up the famed comedy-rock group Tenacious D, have joined forces with the team at FRET12 to launch a weekly YouTube series. Throughout the series, KG and Kones will cover guitar instruction, interviews, and more of the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage that makes FRET12 famous. Already boasting over 11,000 views, the premier of the show was released on August 17th and is the first of many weekly episodes to come.

In addition to the viral series, the Guitarings duo is available on Twitter and Facebook to answer the questions that fans are itching to ask. Best of all, everything comes together at the Guitarings new home, Here, you’ll always be able to get the latest “Word from the Couch,” where KG and Kones will keep fans updated on all things Guitarings and the world of rock throughout the week.  Be sure to leave us a comment about the new show on our Twitter or Facebook page!

GUITARINGS - FRET12 :: The Metal Part 1

GUITARINGS - FRET 12 :: The Metal Part 2