Marty Friedman: Twist to the new Tokyo Jukebox 2 CD cover

Marty Friedman's latest release gets a new cover... which looks a little like the old cover...spotted the difference yet... well if you buy both you will notice... great music too :)
"Tokyo Jukebox 2" stretches the boundaries of guitar interpretation beyond anything Marty has released to date. In a recent interview with Italian web radio, Friedman stated about his next release, "My next album is called 'Tokyo Jukebox 2'. In 2009 I released 'Tokyo Jukebox', which was a good success for me in Japan, and it came out worldwide. So the record company asked if I wanted to do a 'part 2' to it and I was very excited to do that because, actually, 'Tokyo Jukebox' is one my favorite albums that I've ever done, so when it came time to do a second album, it was a lot of fun choosing the songs and doing the arrangements and recording it and I'm very happy about it. It's almost finished; I recorded most of it before going on tour in Europe. . . I'm very excited about it. [It's] definitely the deepest and most special album ever, because it's the most recent, and because it's got all of my experience put together and all of the depth of everything that I've learned over the most recent times and everything is in it, and I'm very happy with it so far."
TOKYO JUKEBOX 2 2nd J-POP popular album cover! Singing songs from the latest J-hit POP, singing guitar sound that explodes a wide range of anime music! 01. Yeah! Holiday Truly 02. So Tears 03. Aitakatta 04. Barcarolle longing for rain 05. God of toilet 06. Koto Canon a la 07. I LOVE YOU 08. idea of being a straightforward 09. butterfly ten. Beautiful Days 11. Little Braver 12. I also love with you 11. Walk facing upwards The first CD cover... clever huh!


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