Mattias IA Eklundh, Christophe Godin,Andy Wood: Freak US tour datess

Freak Kitchen are so, so, so happy to announce our very first US tour this very September! Please spread the word and come out to the shows to go nuts with us. We hereby promise to kick as much butt as humanely possible every night!

The dates:

  • Thursday, Sep 1 Double Door – Charlotte, NC (with Andy Wood)
  • Friday, Sep 2 Prog Day Pre-Show at Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC (with Cameron Allen and Galactic Cowboy Orchestra)
  • Saturday, Sep 3 The Hangout – Florence, SC
  • Mon, Sep 5 Lincoln Theater - Raleigh, NC (with Andy Wood)
  • Tues, Sep 6 Jewish Mother - Norfolk, VA (with Andy Wood)
  • Wed, Sep 7 Venue TBD - Philadelphia, PA (with Consider the Source)
  • Thurs, Sep 8 The Drom - New York City (with Consider the Source)
  • Fri, Sep 9 NJ Proghouse – TBD
  • Sat, Sep 10 Orion Studios - Baltimore, MD
  • Sun, Sep 11 The Hangout - Florence, SC

Along with Freak Kitchen and the above groovy bands, the wonderful Mörgbl, featuring Christophe Godin will also perform on several dates. The tour is put together by the splendid and very hard-working Blue Mouth Promotions LLC. Support them by liking what they do on their brand new Facebook page!