Maxxxwell Carlisle,Michael Angelo Batio,Tina Guo: Speed Force new CD

The closing track from the Speed Force album. The only track with acoustic guitar! This track along with the rest of the Speed Force album is available on iTunes. Find me on Facebook and also Reverbnation.
Maxxxwell Carlisle - "The Last Ocean of Titan"
Maxxxwell Carlisle - "Speed Force" The full-length instrumental shred album featuring guest soloists Michael Angelo Batio and Tina Guo. Track List: 1. Primer 2. Speed Force 3. Tokyo Machine Gun 4. Divebomb! 5. Shield of Thunder 6. Duet for Electric Guitar and Electric Cello in A minor 7. Marching to the Hall of Victory 8. Axis Accelerator 9. The Last Ocean of Titan Includes FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING Maxxxwell Carlisle - "Speed Force"