Michael Angelo Batio: Hands Without Shadows - A Tribute to Rock Guitar

Michael Angelo Batio's "Hands Without Shadow's - A Tribute to Rock Guitar" show is a multimedia extravaganza featuring the music of some of the greatest rock guitarists of the past 50 years.

Guitar legend and virtuoso Michael Angelo Batio takes you on his 90 minute auditory and visual journey to the different eras of rock music while playing guitars with incredible speed and musical precision. Michael begins by first playing guitar right handed, then left handed, then playing two guitars at the same time on his Double-Guitar and ending the show by performing on a four necked, mechanized, laser equipped, "Quad" guitar. This chronological tribute features Michael's incredible arrangements and medley's from the different eras of rock beginning with Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, then moving on to Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Metallica and more.

The "Hands Without Shadow's - A Tribute to Rock Guitar" show entails an awesome display of guitar wizardry, supported by Emmy award winning drummer Gregg Potter, singer Warren Dunlevy, Jr. who can literally change the sound of his voice to match any of the singers from the various era's plus Ryan Johnson, an equally talented bass guitarist/vocalist.

The show is a multi-media experience complete with multiple video screens, lasers, incredible lighting, on stage theatrics and of course the amazing guitar work of the "#1 Shredder of all time" (Guitar One Magazine) Michael Angelo Batio. You will be introduced to Michael's "MAB over -- under" the neck technique, his Double-Guitar as well as his four necked "Quad" guitar. (Michael invented the Double-Guitar as well as the Quad Guitar and is credited with being the first person ever to play both left and right handed at the same time!)

The excitement of the show stays with you long after the performance is through. It is hard to envelope it all at one single show with all of the activity that is happening onstage. You will need to come back more than once just to believe that someone can play as well and as fast as Michael does, not to mention the other equally talented musicians who are on stage.

Michael Angelo Batio's "Hands Without Shadows - A Tribute to Rock Guitar" show promo